September 26, 2020​

The invention of the automobile is certainly one of mankind’s greatest creations, allowing people to efficiently cover long distances and allow for far greater accessibility. Vehicles are mechanical, consisting of several different parts that work together to power and operate it.

Anything mechanical is subject to wear and tear and will eventually break down after prolonged use. Cars are no exception to that rule, and in fact, require regular servicing to maintain optimal performance. The parts that are inside one vehicle may not be the same quality as the parts in an identical vehicle, simply because manufacturing is not always perfect and mistakes happen.

Knowing that something is wrong with your vehicle is one thing, but what do you do about it? Chances are, you probably don’t know how to take care of it yourself, so you’ll probably find a mechanic or service center to fix it for you. If you drive your own car, aside from having driving skills, you also need to at least know the basics of repair and maintenance. You must know if it’s time to refill car fuel or to increase the air pressure on the wheels. You should at least know if the signs right in front of you are telling you that the car is overheating or there’s something wrong with the engine. You must at least know how to change a flat tire.

Here at Nissan Sucat, we came-up with a tool to help and educate our valued clients on how to properly take care of their vehicles namely AutoKNOWTIVE. AutoKNOWtive can provide guidance and teach our clients methods and techniques they may not have discovered on their own. But of course, these are all preventive and safety measures and we highly recommend to all our clients to have their car serviced at any authorized Nissan Dealership

Some of the tips from Nissan Sucat’s AutoKNOWtive

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