AutoKNOWtive: Possible Causes of Engine Stalling

There are many factors of why your car won’t start or having a hard start, but here are the possible causes of engine stalling:

1. Bad ignition system

There might be a problem with the ignition system, which is sometimes caused by the malfunction of the spark plug, high tension wire or the ignition coil.

2. Failed starter motor

A good conditioning starter motor is needed to be able to start an engine. If the starter motor is in poor shape, it might cause a hard start. A damaged relay or wiring harness may cause the starter motor to fail.

3. Faulty alternator

Alternator powers up the engine. If it occurred a problem, the battery will be depleted, causing for a hard start or an engine shutdown.

A worn out bearing, broken rotor or damaged ‘eye circulator’ will result to a faulty alternator.

4. Problems with the fuel system

Fuel is one of the most important factor in starting an ignition system and it’s a must for a regular check-up. Aside from insufficient fuel, a defective motor, clogged filter, malfunctioning injector or busted wires will definitely cause a harm to the fuel system.

5. Dead car battery

This is one of the most common reason of an engine stall and may due to several factors:

  • low CCA or “cold cranking ampere” (it is the capacity of a car battery to start an engine in a cold environment)
  • battery’s state of charge is very low
  • not enough voltage

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